All of Saniflo products are designed to pump out the waste into a city sewer, septic tank or soil stack.

Saniflo recommends to use PVC, CPVC or copper. No PEX or similar products to be used as discharged piping must be rigid schedule 40 pipe.

Depending on the pump model, the discharge pipe can be 3/4 or 1 inch diameter rigid pipe of either PVC, CPVC or copper.  No PEX or flexible pipe allowed.

All of Saniflo products require an 1-1/2 inch vent pipe, which must be vented to the main vent stack as per plumbing codes.  The Sanicompact 48 and Sanistar models do not require a vent connection since they are considered self contained units.

It is not recommended to use an air admittance valve or a mechanical spring-loaded device as they only allow air to flow one way.

Maintenance is not required for any of our products.  However, we recommend the use of non-chlorine based products for cleaning.

All of our products come with a 36 inch prewired power cord and requires 115 volts.  They must be plugged into a GFI receptacle which does not have to be a dedicated circuit.  The Sanicubic 2 (Classic) requires 220/240 volts and must be hard wired to the electrical box.

A macerating pump is designed to handle the flush of human waste and toilet paper only (Sanitop, Saniplus, , Sanipack, Sanicompact and Sanistar). 

A grinder pump is designed to handle the flush of human waste, toilet paper and sanitary napkins such as feminine hygiene products (Sanibest, Sanigrind and Sanicubic Classic). 

There is no need to break up the floor.  Saniflo can easily be installed anywhere on any finished floor.

Gray water pumps, also known as drain water pumps (under counter) are designed to handle the drains of a sink, shower, bathtub, washing machine, dishwasher, kitchen sink, laundry sink but not a toilet.  The Sanivite, Saniswift, Sanishower are considered gray water/ drain water pumps. 

All of our products and toilets come in white only, except for the Sanicubic Classic which comes in gray. 

Saniflo products lasts about 10 to 15 years, if not longer.  They have been tested for about 50,000 cycles, flushed 10 x a day = 3,650 flushes a year.  As this was a standard test, it was stopped at 50,000 cycles, therefore they will last much longer. 

When installing a bathtub or shower a platform of 2 x 8 inch is needed to allow for the installation of a P-Trap and pipe with some gravity flow towards the macerating unit.

The extension pipe is designed to be used with the Sanitop, Saniplus, and Sanibest models.  The extension pipe has one end with a rubber gasket built inside and the other end is hard plastic.  The end with the inner gasket built inside attaches to the back of the toilet (no need for a clamp on that end) and the other end of the extension pipe is clamped to the front of the unit; inside the pan gasket. 

If the pump experiences any issues, please contact Saniflo technical support at (519)824-1134 or the toll free number (800) 363-5874. 

It is recommended to have an access panel either on the side or behind the wall in case the unit needs to be serviced. 

In the event of a power loss, do not use the toilet or any sanitary fixture connected to the pump since it will not work until the power is restored. 

The best method is install a discharge pipe is to rise vertically at the unit as high as necessary and from that point on to slope down at a fall of 1/4" per lineal foot to the point of discharge.

A P-Trap is required on any fixtures draining into the pump.  Even though macerating systems have built-in mechanical traps, most plumbing codes require a regular P-trap to be installed.  It is also necessary to prevent odors and sewer gases from escaping into the room.

It is not recommended to use 90 degree elbows on the discharge line.  For any turns, we recommend using two 45 degree elbows back to back or long sweeping elbows.

Our products discharge the waste using either a 3/4 or 1 inch pipe.  You can only increase the pipe size when you start draining the waste through gravity since the 1/4" per foot will drain the waste.

The Sanitop, Saniplus, and Sanibest models use 1.6 gallons (6 liters) of water per flush.  The Sanicompact 48 and Sanistar models use 1 gallon (4 liters) of water per flush. 

Saniflo Descaler is suitable for all Saniflo pumps. Regular use will prolong the life of the unit by cleaning the pumps moving parts and interior case walls. The Saniflo Descaler is harmless to septic tank operation.

The frequesncy for descaling a macerator depends on the water hardness.  Regions with soft water may benefit from descaling a macerator every 6 months whereas regions with hard water may require descaling every 3 months.

Saniflo offers a 2-year limited warranty on macerators/pumps while the porcelain (toilet bowl and tank) have a 1-year warranty when purchased in Canada.  Please retain a copy of your sales receipt and the warranty starts from the date of purchase.

Parts can be ordered directly from Saniflo.  The number to call is (800) 363-5874. 

If a new pump is to be purchased, it must be purchased from one of our wholesale distributors or hardware retailers listed on our website (www.saniflo.ca).  Saniflo does not sell directly to the public. 

The warranty is voided when any foreign objects are found in the macerating unit.  Pouring automobile anti-freeze, solvents paintings, acids, alkaloids, plastic bags, metal, plastic material, wood or anything that could halt, damage or corrode the unit, voids warranty.  The motor is filled with oil and sealed for life at the factory; draining the oil out of the motor voids warranty as well. 

As per the warranty on the product refer to previous question on warranty.