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Possible connections

  • Toilet
  • Sink
  • Shower
  • Bathtub
  • Washing Machine (indirect connection)
  • Laundry Sink
Vertical and horizontal discharges: 25 ft 150 ft

Product Description

The Sanigrind Pro is a system that is used to install a complete bathroom up to 25 feet below the sewer line, or even up to 150 feet away from a soil stack, with gravity fall.  The Sanigrind Pro can handle the effluent from a toilet, sink, bathtub, shower and washing machine (indirect via laundry tub).

While most of our pump range is shredders/macerators, the Sanigrind Pro incorporates an actual grinder system.  The Sanigrind Pro is ideal for situations where you do not control the use of it (i.e. rental unit, offices, warehouses, etc).  It is designed to deal with sanitary articles that may have been accidentally flushed down the toilet; such articles may consist of sanitary napkins, q-tips, etc.

The Sanigrind Pro is equipped with a service panel atop the unit which allows fast and easy access to the internal components such as the micro switch and capacitor.

Note: In commercial installations, plumbing codes require an elongated bowl to be installed with this system.

The Sanigrind Pro is simplicity itself to install; there are just five connections:

  • The grinder pump is connected to a standard North American bottom outlet toilet.
  • The toilet tank is connected to the water supply.
  • The grinder pump is connected to the small diameter discharge pipe work.
  • The grinder pump needs to be connected to the sewer vent of the house/building.
  • The grinder pump is connected to the electrical supply.

The inside of the Sanigrind Pro comprises of a pressure chamber, which starts and stops the unit, and the motor, which drives the stainless steel cutting blade and the pump.  When the flush is activated, the water flowing into the Sanigrind Pro activates a micro switch in the pressure chamber, which in turn starts the motor.  The motor is sealed for life in an oil filled enclosure.  A common spindle/shaft drives the impeller and the macerator blades. The moving parts therefore are kept to an absolute minimum.  Water and organic waste matter, enter the chamber and are reduced to slurry as the macerator blades rotate at 3600 RPM.  The reduced solids are picked up at the bottom and the impeller mounted beneath the motor ejects the waste.  The unit pumps the effluent upward to 25 feet and/or 150 feet horizontally (with gravity fall).  The operating cycle for the Sanigrind Pro varies depending upon the discharge pipe run configuration.

In addition, the Sanigrind Pro will also discharge gray water from a variety of other sanitary fixtures such as: a sink, a bathtub/shower, a urinal and even a washing machine (indirect connection).  When adding a bathtub/shower, there should be a height difference between the side inlet of the pump and the base of the bathtub/shower.  This height difference should be of 6” (minimum) or 8” (recommended), allowing for the installation of a P-trap and the required 1/4” per foot gravity flow towards the pump unit.

The wastewater from other sanitary fixtures is discharged into the Sanigrind Pro via two 2-inch inlets, on either side of the housing.  The discharge elbow on top of the Sanigrind Pro can be rotated 360 degrees depending on the discharge installation.  A non-return valve (included in the assembly) prevents back flow into the unit.

This unit has been designed with a vent connection on the lid.  All plumbing codes require connection to a vent system.  Please note that the vent system should be a two-way air vent.  The use of mechanical vent, air admittance valve or similar device is not permitted as these are considered one-way air vent systems.

The Sanigrind Pro unit must be connected to a standard toilet with a bottom outlet.  The maximum distance from a toilet should be no more than 24 inches in a straight connection from bottom of toilet bowl to pump.

It is highly recommended for the macerator/grinder to be connected to a Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) circuit.

The Sanigrind Pro has been certified to American and Canadian Standards. Macerating standard; US: CSA Certified & IAPMO (UPC) listed - ASME A112.3.4, CA: Macerating Standard CSA B45.9.

The Sanigrind Pro is ordered as a single unit only.  No toilet, cabinets, shower nor bathtub are included.



Our macerators and gray water pumps are designed for various types of applications. Therefore, they are exposed to different situations such as power failures, occasional abuse, or build-ups of limescale deposits in older units (if not regularly descaled) which can cause a surcharge of water in the unit.

SFA Saniflo introduces the Sanialarm!

The Sanialarm has a level pressure switch that triggers an alarm fixed on the top of the unit if the volume of water exceeds the maximum allowed level. The alarm emits a continuous 80 dB warning sound until it is switched off or the problem is rectified.

The Sanialarm is battery operated and can be installed on most models* in the Saniflo range, including Saniplus and Sanivite pumps.  It has been designed to be installed on new or existing Saniflo installations as it is quickly fitted onto the lid of the Saniflo unit.

* Suitable for use with Saniplus, Sanibest, Sanibest Pro, Sanigrind, Sanigrind Pro, Sanipack and Sanivite.


Regular descaling with specially formulated Saniflo descaler will prolong the unit's life and maintain optimum performance.  It is specifically created for use with Saniflo products and laboratory formulated with phosphoric acid.  Regular usage prolongs unit life and maintains efficiency and it is harmless to septic tank operation.

Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) (in) 10 1/2" x 20 1/2" x 8"
Maximum Temperature (°F) 104
Discharge Rate at Max. Height (gpm) 19
Horizontal Discharge (ft.) 150
Vertical Discharge (ft.) 25
Motor Speed (HP) 1
Discharge Pipe Diameter (in) 3/4"
Electrical Supply (V/Hz) 115-60

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