5 reasons to install the new Saniswift Pro on your next commercial or residentia

Blog 04/08/2021

5 reasons to install the new Saniswift Pro on your next commercial or residentia

Home improvement spending nationwide has been growing at almost double the rate of the rest of the retail sector, according to Brad Hunter with Hunter Housing Economics in a recent Forbes article. One big driver is the wave of millennials who are now finally buying homes, often older homes that need more repairs. Research conducted by HomeAdvisor showed that the millennials are doing a greater number of home improvement projects each year than any other age group.

Whether you’re a millennial investing in home improvement or a remodeling contractor or plumber working on a variety of renovations, Saniflo’s above-floor plumbing products offer a faster, easier, and more affordable solution for a wide range of residential and commercial plumbing needs.

If a kitchen, bathroom addition, or laundry room is on your project list, consider the new heavy-duty Saniswift Pro. But what exactly is the Saniswift Pro and how does it work?

Designed to meet larger commercial as well as conventional residential drainage applications, the Saniswift Pro can handle gray water from up to three fixtures: sink, shower, dishwasher or washing machine (via a laundry sink). It is a faster, more affordable way to add a complete bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen, anywhere.

Measuring 12¼ inches wide x 9¾ inches high x 11¼ inches deep, the product is slightly larger and three pounds heavier than its predecessor, the Saniswift, but still offers a more compact profile than other drain pumps.

Let’s take a look at five reasons why you should install the new Saniswift Pro on your next commercial or residential construction project.

1. Easy installation

The installer-friendly design of the Saniswift Pro features a pair of two-inch inlets, one on either side of the unit, with diameters that comply with major plumbing codes. These side inlets are positioned lower than those found on conventional drain pumps, further easing installation — not to mention the hazards and difficulties that come with breaking the concrete to install conventional plumbing. With the Saniswift Pro, there’s no need to break the floor.

The top of the Saniswift Pro also has two inlets, each measuring 1½ inches, for connecting the unit to a venting system, as required by local plumbing codes.

Using a discharge line of 1, 1¼ or 1½ inches in diameter — to accommodate a variety of retrofit applications — the Saniswift Pro will pump drainage 14 vertical feet and 140 horizontal feet, or a lesser combination of these two distances.

2. Heavy-duty and rugged

The Saniswift Pro is a heavy-duty companion to Saniflo’s popular Saniswift residential drain pump. It’s a more rugged drain pump that meets the demanding needs of both residential and commercial applications, including in regions where UPC codes are the standard.

If you are looking for a heavier-duty product with an attractive, more industrial-type look at an equally attractive price point, the Saniswift Pro is the way to go.

3. Convenient servicing

Servicing can be done without disconnecting any piping to the unit. Made of rugged, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) to resist corrosion from harsh chemicals, the Saniswift Pro encasement has a top cover with two removable screws, providing ready access to all electrical components inside. The pump motor can then be quickly lifted from within to remove any foreign objects in the impeller.

4. Space savings

The Saniswift Pro can be installed in tight spaces, offering you the ability to easily add a bathroom or laundry room in smaller spaces, such as beneath a stairway or even inside a good-sized closet.

The pump is encased in a more robust, yet stylish, cube-shaped exterior that can be easily installed in other hard-to-reach locations, such as beneath a bathroom or kitchen sink.

5. No odors and longer pump life

The new Saniswift Pro is not simply a sump pump in a bucket. Its superior drain-water detection and removal sequence is engineered to extend the overall lifecycle of the pump, while also eliminating unwanted odors.

Traditional drain pumps store wastewater until a level float inside these units triggers drainage discharge. This waste storage can lead to odors, while the presence of corrosive drainage can cause product deterioration over time.

The Saniswift Pro stores no waste, but uses a short-cycle motor to begin drainage immediately, while also keeping the basin empty during operation. Water entering the unit triggers a sensor that immediately activates a pressure switch, causing the motor’s spindle/shaft to turn the pump impeller (at 3,600 RPM) and discharge the waste. The 0.3-horsepower motor is sealed for life in an oil-filled enclosure, while moving parts are kept to a minimum.

The results: More efficient and effective drainage with no unpleasant odors and a longer product life.

If you are planning a kitchen renovation, bathroom addition, or adding a laundry room, the heavy-duty Saniswift Pro is the ultimate choice to make it happen.

Email sfasales@saniflo.com with details on your installation to find out which products would work best for your home-improvement project