Install a Pool-side cabana or outdoor kitchen easily without major construction!

Blog 06/09/2021

Install a Pool-side cabana or outdoor kitchen easily without major construction!

Pool season is officially here! Meaning you are going to be spending a lot more time outside in your pool and eating outside! But that doesn’t mean you have to bring in the pool and outdoors back into your home. We have the simple solution for how to enjoy the outdoors without a mess!


An outdoor washroom prevents your family bring mud and dripping pool water back into your home – when they need to use the bathroom or shower. 


Think you don’t have enough space or would be too costly? Think again with Saniflo’s above-floor technology!


Pool-Side Cabana

All you need is a small space, like a storage shed, with three connections.

1.     An electrical outlet,

2.     a water supply,

3.     and a connection to any sanitary system; (such as septic, holding, city sewers.)  


The space-saving Sanicompact over comes the messy construction, that’s typically needed when adding an outdoor bathroom. It is not required to do major renovations for this in 1-2-3.


Thanks to it’s self-contained macerating system, it can be installed virtually anywhere. Which will save you thousands of dollars not only in construction costs, but also in water usage. This unit is engineered to be a dual flush toilet - using as little as one gallon per flush! Talk about the perfect solution to your outdoor needs!


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Outdoor kitchen- the Sanivite


For those who aren’t “pool people”, there is always the patio. With the warm weather upon us, what better way than to enjoy it outside with a nice BBQ, with friends and family.

But the idea of cooking in a hot kitchen, dishes, and well children with sticky BBQ fingers can be quite annoying… Especially when you want to enjoy being outside with your guests. We have the solution for you, why not bring your inside kitchen outdoor! 

Your improvement starts with an existing concrete, brick patio, wooden or composite deck. A traditional plumbing would require a contractor to remove the patio floor or cut into decking to accommodate pipes.


Our Sanivite drain pump, makes it possible to install a fully functional sink easily and efficiently without the need to disturb existing outdoor structure.

Installing the Sanivite, a, above-floor plumbing can help reduce costs and construction time for sink installation. And allow you to enjoy more of the beautiful weather with friends and family!


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