It's time to update your cottage!

Blog , News 05/15/2023

It's time to update your cottage!

It's time to update your cottage!

Ah, the family cabin! The ideal place to relax and enjoy great activities in warm weather, with friends or family. It's full of beautiful memories of summer vacations and weekend adventures, but it can also be filled with unfinished projects, outdated furniture, and badly in need of updating. Modernizing the old family chalet isn't just about bringing it into the 21st century. It's about making it comfortable and better suited to your lifestyle. Whether you use your cottage year-round or during the summer months only, living at the cottage shouldn't require you to sacrifice the comfort it should provide. This spring, update your cottage with inspiration from Saniflo.®

Your chalet is your second home; so you want it to be comfortable, convenient and enjoyable, while allowing you to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. But cottages pose a challenge when it comes time to renovate. For example, many older cabins use outdated plumbing, which can now be at risk of clogging, corrosion, and damage from tree roots. Another problem can arise because of the terrain your chalet is on, which can affect the type of facilities you can install. For example, if your cabin is built on rock, it will limit your construction options, especially if you have to dig in to install new plumbing.

Plumbing renovations at the cottage are often expensive, time-consuming and difficult. However, Saniflo's line of plumbing systems provide an excellent solution to these problems. With Saniflo, you can easily add valuable amenities to your cottage, such as a full bathroom, laundry room, outdoor kitchen or bar, or plumbing for a pool pavilion, all without major construction. The secret? Technology is on the rise.

Environmentally friendly, simple to install and offering a variety of solutions, Saniflo's upflush toilet and drain pump systems can be installed anywhere, from basement to attic, regardless of the availability of traditional drainage plumbing infrastructure. These macerating and grinding systems use small diameter pipes that can be installed virtually anywhere, above ground or concealed in a wall, with minimal construction, in just hours. Adding a new bathroom or laundry room to your cottage has never been easier!

Saniflo offers cottagers a wide range of cost-effective, hassle-free renovation options, no matter the situation. The Saniaccess® 3 is the most advanced grinder in the world, and it's perfect for installing a full bathroom in a cottage, especially in places where you can't drill into bedrock. For a laundry room installation, the Saniswift® compact drain pump can handle waste water from a washing machine with a connection to a laundry sink.

The best way to escape to the cottage is to spend time outdoors and enjoy the nice weather. Adding a few amenities like an outdoor kitchenette or a bar to this perfect meeting place will enhance your enjoyment and perfectly complement your cottage's outdoor living space. And you can finally build the pool pavilion you've always dreamed of, so kids and guests have a dedicated area for rinsing off and dressing up after swimming in the pool. Whether you want to install a sink, toilet or shower, with Saniflo it's easy to add the plumbing accessories needed to create the ultimate outdoor entertaining space.

So, if winter snowstorms have you dreaming of the perfect cottage makeover, take a look at Saniflo to find out how to make your dreams of a new bathroom, kitchen or laundry room come true. 

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