MOVE HOME selects a suite of Saniflo® solutions for their eco-friendly modules

Case Studies 03/05/2019

MOVE HOME selects a suite of Saniflo® solutions for their eco-friendly modules

Move Home Ecological Modules Inc. is a manufacturer that has developed a platform equipped with a mobile module, making it possible to configure a residential or commercial space to its full potential, depending on needs or time of day. In general, these modules include a full kitchen and a washroom with toilet, sink and shower. The company was searching for pumping solutions for their mobile units that were both compact and compatible. When attending Batimat, the world’s leading construction exhibition, MOVE HOME discovered Saniflo and the search was over!


To find a system that met the criteria of MOVE HOME modules: to create interior spaces that do not require drilling into a concrete slab since their units do not have a floor drain. Saniflo’s grey water pumps allow shower water to drain efficiently, worry-free.


“While we were searching for a solution, we tried to integrate other products, and despite the fact that they worked, the benefits of a turnkey solution were highly compelling. For example, the Sanicubic1® grinder pump is moulded, so if the motor ever needs to be replaced the operation is simple and fast, with no water spillage. What’s more, Saniflo products are covered by a warranty backed by a network of service providers in the same markets we serve, and they’re CSA-approved,” said Jean Drolet, General Manager of MOVE HOME.

For Jean, this meant peace of mind, both for the consumer who will use Saniflo products every day, and for the company. “With Saniflo, we don’t have to be concerned about after-sales service because the customer is covered.”


“Although we had other options, Sanifloʼs pumps were the most beneficial solution because they allowed us to reduce perceived risk by using recognized, highperformance products,” said Jean. “This meant better use of time and streamlined allocation of internal resources.”

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