Saniflo Canada’s Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

Blog , News 03/17/2023

Saniflo Canada’s Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

Saniflo Canada’s Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

The SFA group of companies, which includes SFA Saniflo Canada, takes pride in its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Our goal of pursuing social responsibility and commitment, sustainability, and the community welfare is strongly reflected in our CSR initiatives.

SFA Saniflo Canada demonstrated a wide variety of social engagements, commitments, and sponsorships across Canada. Let’s recap some of the major milestones and accomplishments achieved.

SFA Saniflo Canada Joined the Green Business Bureau

SFA Saniflo Canada continues its green focus by being environmentally and ethically responsible. The green initiatives implemented earned SFA Saniflo Canada platinum status.


SFA Saniflo North America Partnered with Plumbers Without Borders

The objective was and continues to be supporting the group's mission; this mission is to connect volunteer plumbers and industry resources with organizations working to increase access to safe water and sanitation worldwide.


EcoVadis rated Saniflo SFA Inc. | Bronze Rating

SFA Saniflo Canada, as part of the SFA Group, was awarded a bronze medal for excelling in four main categories: environment, labour and human rights, ethics, and sustainable purchases.


SFA Saniflo Canada’s Breakfast Club of Canada Donation Provided over 2,000 Children’s Meals

SFA Saniflo Canada’s initial gift of $1,000 provided 2,000 breakfasts to children to Breakfast Club of Canada. The donation helped ensure children did not start their day hungry and had access to nutritious food. SFA Saniflo Canada’s additional donation later in the year, ultimately providing over 4,000 meals to children.


Saniflo Continued its Commitment to Sustainability by Planting over 2,000 Trees

SFA Saniflo Canada partnered with Wearth to plant trees in an effort to help restore habitats and reverse the trend of deforestation; deforestation remains the single greatest threat to endangered species in Canada.


SFA Saniflo Canada Donates Trade School Scholarships to Plumbing Apprentices

SFA Saniflo Canada offered scholarships to qualified trade school students attending local colleges, with up to 20 scholarships distributed by the end of 2022. The scholarships helped cover the cost of tuition and books at participating colleges during the 2022/2023 academic year.

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