Saniflo helps support rapid construction of local pandemic field hospital

News , Press releases 09/14/2022

Saniflo helps support rapid construction of local pandemic field hospital

CAMBRIDGE, ONTARIO (MAY 14, 2021) — SFA Saniflo® Canada, a division of Group SFA, the world leader in above-the-floor macerating and grinding toilets and drain pumps, recently provided products to a local field hospital — constructed in only four days in Toronto — to assist critically ill patients recovering from the Pandemic.

According to CBC Canada, the 22,500-square-foot unit has 84 patient beds, with room to expand to 100, and will be running for a minimum of three months. Saniflo’s range of drain pumps, macerators and grinders will provide the hospital with above-floor plumbing solutions that can be installed almost anywhere in the world.

“We’re pleased to have participated in this project and to be able to support our communities and help provide our customers with our plumbing equipment, such as our pumps in the aid of design and construction of this field hospital,” says Phil Warren, Saniflo Canada National Sales Manager. “The importance of these field hospitals is a direct effort to help stop the spread of the virus, while leveraging the capabilities of Saniflo’s products in this new industry.”

Three different pandemic-relief solutions with independent purposes were quickly established at the field hospital, to respond to the needs of coronavirus patients and essential public health workers.

First solution: Triage-like response centers are complete with a sink and offer a convenient place for patients and nurses to wash their hands.

Second solution: This type has access to a sink and shower for those staying at the unit for multiple days.

Third solution: Structured as living quarters with a toilet, kitchen and laundry facilities, these centers are essential for those who must be in quarantine for an extended period. Also, these solutions offer living quarters for staff to self-isolate while attending to extremely ill patients.

“If our products can provide any help to those affected during this pandemic, we are happy to do so,” Warren says. “Knowing the unit was built in four days and is already providing handwashing stations, restrooms and showers, Saniflo was happy to contribute whatever we could to this hospital’s pandemic-relief efforts.”



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