Three Simple Plumbing Renovations to Complete this Fall

Blog 10/03/2017

Three Simple Plumbing Renovations to Complete this Fall

With the winter season approaching, the temperature is finally beginning to cool down; so, if you’ve been putting off a home renovation project, there is no better time than now to get on it before winter arrives.
Traditionally, bathroom and kitchen renovations involving plumbing can be challenging, expensive and lengthy. SANIFLO® provides access to simplified plumbing renovations with its multi-application, above-floor plumbing solution, the SANISWIFT®, a drain water pump suitable for use anywhere in the home where additional fixtures are needed. This unique, above-floor installation means there is no need to break the concrete or cut into the walls, making renovations easier and more cost-efficient. Access to water and an electrical outlet is all you need!
Here are three fall renovation projects homeowners can accomplish in as little as one weekend with the SANISWIFT before the snow flies.

      1. Install a new sink or shower in the bathroom

Two upgrades you can make to improve the look and functionality of your bathroom are to install a new sink and/or a shower. If you’ve always wanted “his-and-hers” sinks in the bathroom vanity, the SANISWIFT easily allows for the addition of a second sink. This pump is both powerful and economical. And, since the unit can handle the waste water from multiple fixtures, it can also be used to install a new shower or bathtub.

2. Renovate or move the laundry room

The SANISWIFT allows you to put a laundry room anywhere in your home, from the mudroom to the garage to the unused closet on the second floor. The unit connects to a washing machine via a laundry sink to pump waste water up and away. The compact design of the SANISWIFT allows it to fit comfortably inside a laundry cabinet or small space. Laundry day becomes a far less frustrating chore when the appliances are more conveniently located in your home. 

3. Add a dishwasher or bar sink in the kitchen

If you’re looking to add a dishwasher in your kitchen, you can easily do so with the SANISWIFT. Generally, dishwasher installs need to be located close to the sink because they must be connected into the existing plumbing. With the SANISWIFT, this is less of a concern because the unit can pump waste water up to 14 ft. vertically and 140 ft. horizontally (with gravity fall). Because of the modern, compact design of the unit, it can easily be hidden within a cabinet without taking up too much space.

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