Why do customers love our Saniaccess Series?

Blog , Learn more 05/17/2022

Why do customers love our Saniaccess Series?

There are many products you will research when planning your bathroom renovations. Questions will come up about: installation costs - product reliability - warranty - most importance maintenance to name a few!

Saniflo will make it easy for you! We will answer all your major questions and let you know why our customers love the Saniaccess Series! Our Saniaccess Series is a favorite choice for almost any installation, whether basement or a small closet transformation! Why?


No need for major construction!

Adding a new toilet to any room in your home can seem like an impossible feat – there is in fact an easy, affordable way to go about installing a bathroom. Since 1958 Saniflo has been a trusted manufacturer - offering an innovative, inexpensive, and painless method to make installing a bathroom as easy as pie.  

The Saniflo macerating and grinder system is unlike other traditional systems on the market. Instead of laying pipework under the floor, - the pump sends the waste from a bathroom to the main drain line – the Saniflo upflush pump does all the work for you. How?

The process is truly simple. The Saniflo above-ground pumps are connected to your toilet sink, shower and/or bathtub. When it enters the pump - the internal stainless-steel blades begin to rotate to breaks your waste into pieces (like the blades used in a blender). The waste is liquified, to a manageable consistency. Then the unit quietly and discretely pumps the waste upwards through a ¾ or 1-inch (in diameter) pipe to your sewage system, septic tank or holding tank. You can watch the video below for a demonstration of this. 

No other system can do this. Is it a shock, to learn that Saniflo is becoming a popular choice all around the globe?


On top of an easy installation - Saniflo products all have a 2-year warranty! And guess what - you can receive an additional 3rd year by simply registering your product on the website.  [Certain conditions apply.] To register your Saniflo product simply complete the form linked in the button below. 


Easy Access Panels

Saniaccess 2 (left) for half bathrooms | Click image above to see close up | Saniaccess 3(right) for full bathroom 

The Saniaccess 2 and 3 have easy service panels to allow for easy access to the internal components of the pump. That can be for retrieving anything that may have accidentally fallen into the toilet such as a toy or earrings, as well as servicing. 

For any needed servicing – your plumber or tradesman can easily unscrew the panels and access the internal components for an easy and painless maintenance job. Talk about a time saver!

This type of maintenance also saves you the mess, of what would have originally needed you to break the floor.

The Saniaccess 2+3 allows the install of a bathroom virtually anywhere you can imagine!

Saniflo’s above-floor technology makes it possible, even if you were once told you can’t add a toilet to your home due to the lack of a drain line. The upflush toilets will simplify your toilet installation by pumping your waste away to the nearest drain line and/or sewer system. Cutting down on time and money by eliminating expensive plumbing overhauls needed for your upcoming bathroom remodel or addition.

When it comes to installing a toilet system that won’t break the bank or the floors in your home, nothing beats Saniflo.

Waiting for the catch? There isn’t one. Even the installation is relatively quick and simple!