Discover the perfect solutions for all your needs! Adding a sink, or renovating or starting a brand new project? We have the answer for all your needs!

We surely have a SFA solution that fits your requirement.

Adaptable External Pumps for full and half bathroom installations

Perfect for creating additional WC or bathroom, anywhere, even when gravity drainage is not available.

Saniflo Self-Contained models for small spaces

WC with integrated macerator, ideal for creating washrooms in small spaces.

Our Graywater Drain Pumps for adding kitchens and laundry rooms

For the installation of showers, bathrooms, kitchens or laundry rooms.

Boiler, AC and HVAC condensate removal solutions

Boiler condensate removal solutions.

Sanicom / High Temperature Drain Pumps

Ideal drain pump for your commercial business. Engineered to handle high temperature acidic gray water from commercial washing machines, laundry machines, sink, and more!

Commercial above-the-floor pumps handle evacuating waste from entire buildings

Simplex and duplex grinder systems for residential and commercial applications. Our grinders provide superior performance and absolute reliability. The easy installation of Saniflo lifting stations allows you to add multiple fixtures and bathrooms to a residence or building in a timely manner, without breaking concrete or finished floor, eliminating any possible mess and without compromising structural integrity of the home or building. A cost-effective way to install extra bathroom facilities and plumbing fixtures virtually anywhere.