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Arnaud CORBIER, Chief Executive Officer


We offer solutions that are inventive, reliable and easy.


A word from Management

For over 65 years, the SFA Group companies have been committed to enhancing the daily comfort of our customers, both professional and non-professional. We give them more than just technical information: we offer them solutions that are inventive, reliable and easy to execute.

This is our target!

This goal resulted in the release of the first Sanibroyeur in 1958, revolutionizing interior installation all over the world. Through our 29 subsidiaries and more than 70 distributors, our Group is now present in nearly 80 countries.

At the same time, our company is committed to diversifying its reach, products, and business operations.

Several acquisitions have enriched our brand portfolio: Europelec, Kinedo, Grandform, Watermatic, Zehnder Pumpen and more recently Format. Enabling us to successfully penetrate new markets.

SFA has grown into a global group that is now both powerful and recognized in its markets.

A brand that, since its creation, has carried values, a commitment and an inspiring personality that are a unifying base for ourselves, our employees, our customers and our partners. This global approach to corporate social responsibility deserves to be displayed not only as a ideal, but as a realistic commitment we maintain daily.

Welcome to SFA !

CSR in the SFA Group

Our approach

As an international industrial group our primary purpose is simple: to design and manufacture home and professional solutions wherever water flows.

In 2016, SFA’s management decided to incorporate a Corporate Social Responsibility business model to meet new communication, human resources, and regulatory compliance challenges.

SFA’s commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) reflects our aims to pursue social responsibility and commitment; to sustainability and the community welfare as the company grows. SFA Group is doing this by engaging with Social and Environmental challenges and providing our customers with inventive solutions to answers these concerns.

Our inventive approach to product solutions and brand creation begins and ends with quality and services. 

SFA’s products have been widely recognized as leading solutions in each industry, due a handful of features.

Including providing important environmental solutions through our product designs. Our product are designed to aid in reducing the waste of resources (such as water usage). We push ourselves not only to improve our own expectations, but also to raise the bar for others, including our suppliers.

In supporting our employees and partnering with suppliers to deliver quality products to our customers, we hold ourselves to high standards of ethics and integrity. Collaboration and inclusivity are central to how we work. We believe the best solutions are those that draw on diverse ideas and perspectives.

We aim to enrich the lives and communities we touch. SFA has a long history of helping people worldwide in sanitary matters. Every year, for the world toilet day, where it is all about inspiring action to tackle the global sanitation crisis and help achieve Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG 6), we support through product donations. These help children and adults receive much-needed health facilities.

Our ambition


Growing together


"Our ambition in terms of corporate responsibility (CSR) is to develop our company - by having our employees work alongside our customers and partners.

This desire drives us in our daily choices."

Our engagement

Social Engagement & Sponsorship

SFA Group continues its commitment to the Planet Water Foundation

The SFA Group has actively pursued the goal of improving global access to clean water since 2011. Since 2021, it has been supporting the Planet Water Foundation and implementing concrete measures to achieve this objective. The latest project, implemented in 2023, once again demonstrates its strong commitment and unwavering dedication.

In collaboration with the Planet Water Foundation, the SFA Group installed the AquaFill drinking water filtration system in the Dan Ha Primary School in Hanoi, Vietnam. This system, gravity-based and utilizing state-of-the-art water purification technology, ensures the removal of pathogens from the water. Florian GARNIER, the Managing Director of SFA Vietnam, personally attended the installation, underscoring the personal involvement and commitment of the SFA Group to this vital cause.

The project also included the implementation of a hygiene education program for the schoolchildren. This is a crucial step in promoting awareness of healthy hygiene practices and ensuring long-term positive impacts on the community.

SFA Group supports Sulabh School Sanitation Club, in India

On World Toilet Day, we want to spotlight the partnership of the SFA Group and the support we've provided for the Sulabh School Sanitation Club, India. Together, we are steadfastly committed to accelerating school sanitation and hygiene education in Haryana.

 The SFA Group, through financial donation, has laid the foundation for the implementation of this ambitious initiative. It aims to improve the quality of life and educational opportunities for students in four schools in the Gurgaon block of Haryana State, India. 

The collaboration between the SFA Group and the Sulabh School Sanitation Club, India, encompasses the following steps:

  1. Scoping and School Infrastructure Assessment
  2. Capacity Building for Students and Teachers
  3. Sensitization of Stakeholders and Communities
  4. Mass Media Awareness Campaign
  5. Development of Educational Materials
  6. Project Reviews and Follow-up Visits

These steps are integral to the success of the project, which seeks to make schools cleaner and healthier while promoting awareness of clean water and proper sanitation. The project not only positively impacts students but also teachers and the community.

With the financial support of the SFA Group, this project is becoming a reality.

Our certifications

Quality Management

Environmental Management

"Original France Guarantee"

Ecovadis CSR assessment

EcoVadis, the world's most trusted corporate sustainability assessor, awarded the SFA Group a bronze medal. This places the SFA Group among the top 50% of companies evaluated by EcoVadis.

The EcoVadis assessment is based on international sustainable development criteria, such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards, the United Nations Global Compact and the ISO 26000 standard, which cover 200 categories of contributions and more than 160 countries.

The SFA Group was rated on the basis of a sustainable development criteria illustrating its performance through 21 indicators divided into four main categories:

  •      environment
  •      labor and human rights
  •      ethics
  •      sustainable purchases