Customer transforms condo pantry into new bathroom with the Sanibest® Pro

Case Studies 04/17/2019

Customer transforms condo pantry into new bathroom with the Sanibest® Pro

Adding a second bathroom not only adds value to your property, but increases the comfort and convenience of your home, too. It’s a popular renovation project for many homeowners, but what if you live in a condo? In a high-rise building you do not have the same ability to install piping beneath the floor because it is typically concrete, and there may be restrictions on what type of renovations you are allowed to do.


That’s the challenge Dave Wong faced when he went searching for a solution to easily add a new bathroom to his downtown Vancouver condo. Through online research, Dave discovered Saniflo’s upflush plumbing systems and was happy to learn that he could achieve the bathroom he wanted using Saniflo’s Sanibest Pro.


“We needed an extra bathroom and decided to convert a large pantry we weren’t really using into a second washroom,” says Dave Wong, Saniflo customer. After using Saniflo’s Project Selector Tool to help him choose the best product for his renovation, Dave choose the Sanibest Pro, a heavy-duty pump system used to install a complete bathroom where no drainage exists. Since the Sanibest Pro can be installed above-floor, there is no need to break the floor. The system can either be installed behind the toilet or behind the wall for a concealed finish. “It was a bit tricky figuring out how to install the unit within the wall, but we hired an experienced plumber from Crucial Plumbing & Heating who had installed Saniflo products before and was able to complete the set-up for us,” continued Dave. The Sanibest Pro incorporates a grinder which is ideal for heavy-use situations. “We love the fact that this system is designed to handle things that may be flushed down the toilet from time to time – like sanitary products, baby wipes and Qtips – so we don’t need to worry about it clogging,” says Dave Wong. In addition, the Sanibest Pro will also discharge the wastewater from a variety of other fixtures, such as a sink, bathtub or shower. The system is designed to work with Saniflo’s rear discharge toilets, which are available in a round or elongated bowl style.


“Saniflo has allowed us to add an additional bathroom where we wanted it, which has increased the comfort and convenience of our living space and adds great resale value if we decide to sell in the future,” says Dave. We are considering renovating another bathroom using Saniflo and would recommend their products to others looking for a solution for a similar project as ours.

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