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How Professionals use Sanicubics

Blog , Professional blog 07/14/2022

How Professionals use Sanicubics

Saniflo’s Six Decades of Bringing Innovation and Solutions to the Plumbing Industry

Our Sanicubic product line is providing endless solutions to the plumbing industry! Designed for residential and commercial applications where the sewer line or the septic tank sits above or away from the structure, this simplex grinder pump system handles waste from multiple fixtures with no need for below-grade storage and the costly, risky digging it requires. Check out how other customers have taken advantage of this Sanicubic line in the past!


Ipanema Restaurant - Sanicubic 2 VX – Duplex Vortex System


Established in the late 1970s, the venerable Ipanema Restaurant in midtown Manhattan recently underwent a major renovation of its two-floor space on 36th Street. The extensive makeover of the Brazilian, family-style eatery entailed not just new furnishings and fixtures, as well as a fresh coat or two of paint, but also a redo of the floor plan to bring its décor up to date.

Sam Ferreira, owner of SNC Mechanical (East Meadow, NY), briefly considered such a conventional approach to creating the new employee bathroom at Ipanema. But he quickly rejected the idea because of all the work and the consequent cost. “Below-floor drainage for the toilet and a sink was not a good fit with our rehab budget,” comments Ferreira.

Adding that breaking through concrete was not only time-consuming but would also create a major mess. Rather than installing conventional below-floor drainage for a staff washroom, SNC Mechanical opts for a heavy-duty above-floor solution, saving the owners of a midtown Manhattan restaurant roughly $6,000 by avoiding the need to break through concrete Ferreira opted for Saniflo’s most powerful system: the Sanicubic 2 VX, whose pumping capacity ranges from 26 gallons per minute.

As Ferreira noted that Ipanema’s owner wanted to do everything they could to minimize operational problems with the staff restroom. Which is also why he chose the Sanicubic 2 VX. As noted above — and as its name indicates — the device houses not one, but two, 1.5-horsepower motors. This “duplex” feature makes it capable of handling multiple fixtures from multiple restrooms. But in the case of Ipanema, the second pump is viewed as essential redundancy: Should one motor need servicing, the other still operates — and the employees can still use their private facility while that servicing is done.


California Floating Home - Sanicubic 1 – Simplex Grinder System


Unlike a houseboat, a floating home is meant to be moved just once, placed on a floating concrete foundation, and permanently connected to public utilities; i.e., floating homes are permanently connected to municipal sewer, water, and electrical.

Installing conventional plumbing on a floating home can present some unique and formidable challenges. That’s why the owner of a floating house located at the Richardson Bay in Sausalito, CA, enlisted the help of an engineer and a local professional plumbing companyAR Plumbing. This project scope involved installing the plumbing for a toilet, shower, sink, and washing machine as part of remodeling the floating home.

 AR Plumbing owner and CEO Adelso Rodas said “Our engineer advised against it, because it would compromise the integrity of the concrete slab.”, due to the steel beams running through the concrete. Thus, AR found finding an alternative, less costly method for draining the toilet, sink, shower, and washing machine. Having installed a Saniflo macerating toilet in another floating house, Rodas the Sanicubic 1 as the right product for the application,” says Rodas.

They agreed, “…The Sanicubic 1 is easier to install and way more compact,” Rodas says. As well as powerful! Discharging wastewater from multiple fixtures. In addition, the highly durable plastic enclosure for its pump and grinding blade incorporates four different exterior inlets for incoming waste lines, as well as sophisticated controls and a monitoring system to mitigate servicing issues. As well it offers greater piping-layout flexibility, which is ideal for the highly confined spaces of a floating home, while minimizing the possibility of clogs by quickly reducing solids — including larger sanitary products — into a slurry that can be pumped up to 36 feet vertically or 328 feet horizontally through a 1.5-inch, rigid pipe.


 Historical Yukon Hotel - Sanicubic 2 VX – Duplex Vortex System



The historic Edgewater Hotel overlooks the majestic Yukon River, with a lineage tracing back to the Klondike Gold Rush[1896 – 1899]. This historical hotel needed an upgrade, but it posed some unique problems. According to Albanese, the job entailed rerouting drainage from a cast iron soil pipe stack to the side of the building, while also picking up the drainage from the three new wine-bar washrooms.

Time is of the essence in the hospitality industry. Ultimately, hotel ownership’s main concern was to keep the hotel operational and downtime to a minimum during renovations. 

Conventional plumbing wasn't feasible. Albanese needed a cost-effective alternative to pump wastewater from the newly added wine-bar washroom and hotel-suite bathrooms to the existing main drain line at the far side of the building.

"I didn't need to look far for a solution after explaining the situation to another contractor, who recommended Saniflo," Albanese says. Following a quick search on the Saniflo website, he called Saniflo Technical Support and explained the drainage issues. "That same day, I had the recommended Saniflo Sanicubic 2 Vortex unit on order from my supplier and ready to be shipped."


MANTA Research Vessel - Sanicubic 1 - Simplex Grinder System


 Saniflo Sanicubic 1 Commercial Pump System Provides Plumbing Solution for Research Vessel

MANTA (Marine Science And Nautical Training Academy), a non-profit organization based in Charleston, South Carolina, offers a summer Caribbean field study course on the biology and the conservation of coral reefs. The course is conducted from the mobile base of a large modern vessel that sails through tropical marine habitats, providing students with a unique marine environment to dive into — literally! — each day.

MANTA needed to renovate their 80-foot Burger yacht to create a viable teaching vessel. To prepare for their first expedition aboard the newly christened “RV (research vessel) MANTA,” Rusty Day, Ph.D., President of MANTA, knew he had to fix a serious plumbing problem.

The original toilets installed in the vessel are pneumatic Microphor Microflush toilets, powered by an air compressor running at 60 pounds per square inch (psi), and a water pump running at 40 psi. The pneumatic flush system previously used air pressure to drive effluent from the toilets into a blackwater tank on the vessel. The blackwater tank sits 6 feet above the waste lines, exceeding the system’s lifting capabilities. This resulted in the chronic, ugly problem of incomplete discharge, backflow and clogging.

Then Day found the Sanicubic 1 online, he knew it was the perfect solution. The donated Sanicubic 1 Simplex Grinder System was the ideal alternative: a system that could accommodate the vessel’s four toilets and with the pumping power to handle the vertical distance from the heads to the vessel’s blackwater tank. This system was shipped fully-assembled, the compact, heavy-duty lift station offered better grinding performance with the capability of pumping up to 50 gallons of effluent per minute. 


Adds an Outdoor Bathrooms is a Breeze - Sanicubic 1 - Simplex Grinder System


Many dream of having a cabana next to their pool or outdoor recreation area to mirror the lifestyles of the rich and famous. It offers more than just the convenience of not having to travel to use the bathroom during a pool party—an outdoor bath means tracking less dirt, sand and water into the home.

For the average consumer, such luxuries have typically been out of reach, costing more than 15 thousand dollars. One company, however, is making outdoor bath and shower enclosures affordable. Farmingdale, NJ-based ToddPod builds outdoor shower stalls and bathrooms in various models and configurations, typically costing between two and five thousand dollars.

Of course, these enclosures need a way to handle plumbing. ToddPod owner Dawn Samuels says the simplest solution is above-floor plumbing technology from SFA Saniflo. “The possibility for our outdoor shower enclosures exists solely because of Saniflo’s above-floor plumbing products, which make installing a bathroom anywhere simple and affordable,” explains Samuels.

By choosing the Sanicubic 1, ToddPodd, got exactly the outcome he desired. “The ability to install an outdoor bathroom simply and affordably opens up a whole range of possibilities for customers not wishing to spend a fortune on improving their lifestyles,” says Samuels.