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Unhappy Homeowner Replaces Faulty Macerator with Saniflo Full-Bath System

Case Studies , News , Professional Case Studies 04/26/2023

Unhappy Homeowner Replaces Faulty Macerator with Saniflo Full-Bath System

Unhappy Canadian Homeowner Replaces Faulty Macerator with Saniflo Full-Bath System for Guaranteed Performance

Installing a bathroom in his basement, Shane Murphy encountered numerous problems with a newly installed macerator. To fix the situation, he opted for Saniflo’s Saniaccess 3 macerating pump to help make the remodeling experience simpler and cost-effective.


NEW BRUNSWICKPurchasing a new home is an exciting and momentous occasion for any new buyer. But the ability to make a house into a home and design it to fit your wants and needs can sometimes be challenging.

Tradesman and homeowner Shane Murphy recently purchased a 1,950-square-foot bungalow in New Brunswick. Built in 1973, the three-bedroom, one-bath home had been renovated multiple times. However, during a recent remodel, Murphy wanted to add a half bathroom. Nowhere to install it in the main portion of the house, he decided to create a new bath in his basement.

Draining into an on-site septic system, the 950-square-foot basement has a low point of two feet above the floor, while the toilet drain is three feet above. Murphy researched a macerating system he thought would facilitate gravity drainage while avoiding the installation of the toilet on a pedestal.

Though the price was reasonable, headaches were already occurring within minutes of the installation’s completion. Pumping problems, along with odour issues, were aggravated by a lack of prompt communications from the macerating company’s customer service to help him find a remedy.

Murphy knew he needed a better solution. In such situations, a lower price-point product may seem more appealing. But if a product comes with immediate issues, it’s a red flag.

“After having many problems with my newly installed macerator, I needed an alternative system that would work on the first try,” he explains. “I came across the Saniflo brand and learned that their technology is not only tested, but will stand up to the expected use.”


Discussions with Saniflo’s customer service and his own professional experience led Murphy to choose the Saniaccess 3 macerating system as the ideal solution for handling drainage for his new bathroom’s toilet and sink. The Saniaccess 3 is a half-horsepower pump system that can move effluent up to 15 feet vertically below the sewer line or up to 150 feet horizontally to a soil stack.

Positioned and connected to the rear-discharge toilet packaged with the macerator, the Saniaccess 3 not only reduces toilet waste (black water), but can also handle gray water from two other sanitary fixtures, such as a sink, a tub, or a shower. In short, the Saniaccess 3 can accommodate a complete, three-fixture bathroom.

For the Murphy residence application, the 1-inch discharge pipe from the unit runs vertically five feet directly above the toilet, where it links at a 45° angle with the 4 -inch, main drain line connected to the home’s septic system.

“With limited space comes limited choices,” says Murphy. “I liked that the Saniaccess 3 took up less room, as well as the accessibility of the plumbing connections.”


Murphy reports that the Saniaccess 3 is working much better than the originally installed macerating system. Praising its quieter, odour-free operation, Murphy has found no downsides to the unit.

“I wish I would have saved the headache and time and gone with Saniflo right away,” he adds. “The easy ability to perform maintenance, the ready availability of parts, and Saniflo’s customer service all stand out.”

Asked if he would use or recommend Saniflo in the future, he responds: "That’s a no brainer.”