Sanibest Pro

Sanibest Pro

The Sanibest Pro is the best solution to install a full bathroom in demanding situations.

  • For full bathroom applications
  • ↑ 25 Ft ↑ and/or ← 150 Ft →
  • Grinder system designed to handle sanitary products
  • Easy access service panel

The Sanibest Pro is a 1 HP pump system used to install a complete bathroom up to 25 feet below the sewer line, or even up to 150 feet away from a soil stack. It incorporates a grinder system which is ideal for uncontrolled environments in both residential and commercial applications (ie. rental unit,...

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Sanibest Pro Data Sheet

Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth):
10 ½” x 20 5/16” x 8”

Technical features of Sanibest Pro
Where to buy? Home Improvement Stores, Wholesalers
Part number 013
Max. horizontal discharge 150 ft
Max. vertical discharge 25 ft
Voltage 120 V
Frequency 60 Hz
Amperage 9 Amps (Max)
Motor 1 HP oil-filled thermally protected motor
Capacitor rating 60 microfarad
Operating temperature 104°F (110°F Max.)
Power cord length 49 inches
Noise level (measured at 3 ft.) ≤ 63 dBA (Lp)
Discharge pipe diameter 3 ⁄ 4 ” or 1”
Discharge rate at 15 ft @25 Ft : 19 GPM
Discharge rate at 3 ft 38 GPM
Shut-off head 38 ft
Normal running time 10-12 s
Capacity 3.2 gallons / 12.1 liters
Inlets diameters 2” (sides)
Ventilation diameter 1-1/2" vent (top)
Type of activation Membrane/microswitch
Shower/bath base height 8" min
Weight 28 lbs / 12.7 kg
Certifying agencies CSA (IPC, NSPC), IAPMO (UPC)

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