Residential/Commercial Low Inlets Gray Water Drain Pump-  0.4HP - Laundry/Sink/Shower/Bathtub

  • For commercial or residential applications 
  • ↑ 16 Ft ↑ and/or ← 150 Ft →
  • Low inlets for easy installation
  • Perfect quiet solution
  • Capability to handle hot water and grease buildup

The Sanivite drain pump is used to pump gray water away from a variety of fixtures in commercial and residential applications. The system is able to discharge the waste up to 16 feet vertical and/or 150 feet horizontal. This model is small enough to fit inside a kitchen cabinet and was designed to sustain...

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Sanivite Data Sheet

Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth):

10" x 14 1/2" x 7 1/2"

Technical features of Sanivite
Part number 008
Max. horizontal discharge 150 ft
Max. vertical discharge 16 ft
Voltage 120 V
Frequency 60 Hz
Amperage 4.5 Amps (Max)
Motor 0.4 HP oil-filled thermally protected motor
Capacitor rating 18 microfarad
Operating temperature 140°F
Power cord length 42–1/2 inches
Noise level (measured at 3 ft.) ≤ 44 dBA (Lp)
Discharge pipe diameter 1” - 1–1/2”
Discharge rate at 15 ft @16 Ft : 18 GPM
Discharge rate at 3 ft 29 GPM
Shut-off head 30 ft.
Normal running time 3-5 seconds (Short bursts)
Capacity 3.7 gallons / 14 liters
Inlets diameters 2” (sides)
Ventilation diameter 1-1/2" vent (top)
Type of activation Membrane/microswitch
Shower/bath base height 6" min
Weight 16 lbs / 7.25 kg
Certifying agencies CSA (IPC, NSPC)

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